Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Placement

The best is yet to be whatever Allah has planned for us. Though it should be tomorrow or maybe another week for me to wait until 'the place' to be revealed, I have received the good news way earlier. How did I get that, should be keep as secret. Nevertheless, I thank Allah for everything. 'The place' won't be far enough from my hometown and much better, I won't be too far from other sisters. Whatever the school, the teachers and the students are, that would be placed as second. 'The place' matters most to my DnT. and I pray to Allah that it would be the best for my DnT and for the ummah.

Having to hear of a syahidah today, I pray to Allah to place her in The Eternal Garden. The place that I would be longing to go. The placement that I wish I would have known at this moment. Oh Allah, I do want to be the member of your Riyadhus Solihin. I do want to be the member of The Garden.....
and I do really want to be one of the people who really work hard to be placed there.

Those thoughts could have made me cry. Have I really worked my very best to be placed there? What do I have to show to God that I ought to be there?
Oh, those time I have wasted.
Those moments I have trashed.
Those chances I have crashed.
What do I have to show to Allah on the big day of Judgement and Placement?

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