Friday, October 23, 2009


They said, it's going to be hundred
and I don't feel that great.

As if there is a huge boulder
that I need to heave on my shoulder.

Oh, Lord!
Please make this boulder lighter
or my shoulder stronger
or anything to You that would be better.

For tomorrow would be the day
of the hundred hearts to lay,
upon You we pray
to help us with anything You may.

Oh, Lord. I have nothing to spare
but for Your forgiveness, I ask in despair.

It's tomorrow, at the beach valley.


fieqa said...

salam kak kd.
I think, I can really understand what this post is all about,^_^

a bundle of syukur I pray to ALLAH for making it a success!
Thanks to you kak, for giving your full support.
May the dakwah in our college shimmers at every edge.insyaALLAH

YA ALLAH, help us!

kuchinque said...

you really do understand that? huehue..

I do think that Allah has actually made the boulder lighter instead of making my shoulder stronger.

Maybe I wasn't strong enough and Allah wanted me to strengthen myself by working out, not merely asking Him to make me strong just like that.
Floating with thoughts.

Work hard, dear! and let only Allah decide what's the best for us.