Tuesday, July 28, 2009

When da'wah is such a lovely word..tarbiyah is always wonderful to acccompany it. -- part II

As I learned that Da'wah is a must and have seen by myself the people who really works to beautify the world with da'wah, somehow Allah gave me the chance to choose to be in this path too. Subhanallah. Alhamdulillah. Allahuakbar. There's nothing greater than to be here, following the footsteps of the prophets. Of course, to be on this path would not be easy. The path towards such eternal goodness is not a bed full of rose petals, but filled with its thorns. You have to get yourself hurt and crying in pain. Life is tarbiyah and it is a must to made one a muslim the way he should be, a muslim individual who devotes his life totally for Allah. I have been challenged in the way God knows better as if that the test would be a good mould for me to be a better person. Even the ugly clay need to be put in such high temperature to make such good-looking porcelain. Tests are just the way for us to be someone better. Shouldn't we be happy to be tested? Isn't it a sign that God really put His attention and love towards the ones He tested? He wants these people to be someone better, to put a helping hand so we would be easier to get to Jannah. Subhanallah!!

I was not a good muslim in just a blink of an eye, of course. I learned and I am still learning. But da'wah and tarbiyah itself has helped me a lot for what I have become now. Of course, bi iznillah! Some people might just said, why da'wah? Wouldn't it just good for us to stay good and stop getting busybodied with other people's life? Uh, if there was such question, I have to say sorry because to me that would be just such a selfish remark. If it was not because someone is practicing da'wah, no one would have approached me. I would have been playing happily in dirt and mud, not realizing that I'm actually taking the steps towards the hell to be suffered forever.

But then, greatest thanks should be given back to Allah. During my second year of tarbiyah, I've seen many people becoming lost after some years of tarbiyah. It did scares me. I don't want to become 'futur', but how? In a long journey to Borneo, I prayed to Allah to show me the answer there. I was scared if whatever things I've been doing right now would have something that I regretted myself to do or something that would be just pieces of junks that I will put a blind eye on them. Astaghfirullah. I'm so afraid I would stop from going along this path of da'wah and tarbiyah as more challenges come, as I becoming tired, as it took such a long time and such a slow process. I'm so very afraid, I will make a decision in the future to stop and change ny direction. Wa iya'uzubillah.

Alhamdulilah. Again, Allah answered my prayer in the best way that I could have never expect. Allah reminded me of my hideous Jahiliyah and how great He has made me to turn to this beautiful path, to overwhelm me with His wonderful light and to hold my heart to be tantalized with His magnificent Deen. On my very last day, I cried. I have realized such greatness Allah has given me. It is as if I've been born again. I've been given a second chance in life. If it's not to work for His Deen, I would have nothing to show how grateful I am for what Allah has given me. Even my deeds would be nothing compared to such blessings He has given me all this while. Oh, God. How am I ever going to thank You enough? For not being in this path, would just show how ungrateful I am towards such wonderful things You have given me. You have showed me the path to the greatness of Your eternal heaven, when I was actually have blindly taking my steps towards the hellfire. Masya Allah, I could have never be thankful enough for what Allah has given me.

Looking back on my trail. Such distance I made, and how my footsteps would have look differently by now. I pray to Allah to keep me Istiqamah, to die in this path, working for His mardhatillah all the way to Jannah. and the prayer goes also to my great murobbi's and sahabiah, my beloved family and those who works and have worked for the betterment of the ummah.

Minallah, ma'allah, ilallah.

May Allah accept our deeds and let us be the members of His Jannah.
Insya Allah.

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