Tuesday, July 21, 2009

that grad talk

(somehow when I reread this, it may sound sarcastic. To start reading, please use a lighter tone. I don't really mean to make it sound sarcastic..huhu)

I went back home and everyone was talking about my upcoming convocation. Ok, I don't really know how should I feel and react at the first place. My elder sister did asked, "Dah ada baju untuk konvo? Dah ada kasut untuk konvo?". uhhh, I don't even know if I have a good reason to actually go for my convocation. Why?

Mmm. I don't really know the purpose of rehearsing, waiting and act some way different just to be on the stage and get 'nothing'? I mean, 'nothing' as is my degree cert won't be presented on that stage anyways. Why do I need to waste those precious time to do something that will just give me nothing (or maybe it's actually a something if I do consider those costly photos of me on the stage with the chancellor, oh!).

Well, somehow we sometimes need to think some way different than the others do. As if to say that I'm trying to be beyond the norm =p Think about it. Sometimes people just don't realise how weird they are, to do things the hard way when they can actually get it the easier way. I don't know why we need to do that ritual of getting on to the stage but not actually getting the real certificate anyways. Ughh...

When my family were busy talking about my graduation thingy, my mom somehow did understand how I feel. She asked me a few times whether I want to go for my convocation or not. Dear mom, how on earth can I have someone so dear as you? You have been such an understanding person since I took my few steps in this path of tarbiyah. You have been such a support and my source of encouragement. I love you, mother. and if it's your wish to watch me on the stage with that old chancellor, it will be my pleasure to make it realized. If seeing me on the stage, holding the 'fake' certificate will make you happy, I would happily do it as to see you happy for me. Having to be on the stage won't be a big problem anyways. It will be just me who usually creates problems. I can be a stage freak some times... and I hope I just won't ruin other people's big day. Though I don't really mind to spoil mine.

Anyways, my convocation would be on Friday. And I'm very much thankful that it will be in the morning. If mine is in the evening at 2.15 pm, don't blame me for not going to that convocation. I don't want to include myself with the mob who quit the Friday prayer. If they dare to do so, I should just invite the Imam to be on stage and remind them!

Ok. Sorry for blabbering.
Next stage. I'm trying to behave.

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