Monday, July 13, 2009

When da'wah is such a lovely word..tarbiyah is always wonderful to acccompany it.

The first time I know that da'wah is obligatory for every muslim, I felt like the sky has fallen onto me. I felt so dizzy and hardly breathing as if I was getting a cold fever. I remembered the first time I came to meet these wonderful people, the presenter at the front kindly asked "Siapa kat sini allergik dengan perkataan dakwah?". The knot on my stomach tighten. Of course I won't raise up my hand! I just kept quiet and let the presenter keep on talking.

God always knows better. He showed me through His words. I found more and more verses in the Qur'an that shows the need of da'wah. But I can't deny the word da'wah was such a big word that I hardly let my ownself to use it. I have some very nice stickers with the word da'wah as to inspire me. But I just stick them on the places where no one else care to look but me.

Though having that big word allergy, Alhamdulillah it never stopped me to keep on with Usrah and tarbiyyah. Why do I keep doing so? It is the only way that made me feel so close to the creator. I have to admit that I was not good in feeling fond of people. I wanted usrah and going out for islamic speeches solely to get closer to Him. I have been prolonged in Jahiliyyah for too long and it was such a blessing from Allah to have given me the chance to make a change. It was the biggest things ever happen to me, for me to be awake in the midst of the wonderful of fantasy I have been into all this while.

Having to know the need of da'wah and still trying to get a grip of everything new, I tried to seek the strength from Him. It was hard. Making changes is never that easy as eating ABC. I trampled, I made lots of mistakes but I really have to thank Allah for being always by my side. I have nothing but to please Him for everything He has given me. be cont'd. insya Allah.


Raudhah said...

dulu,saya tak takut dgn prkataan 'dakwah' spt sahabat sy ketika mula2 kami tahu yg dakwah itu kewajipan setiap muslim..sbnrnya saya dah mengetahuinya sebelum saya mula ditarbiyah lg.

tp,sy tetap pegun,tk mahu melaksanakan tntutan trsebut sebaliknya ingin stick pd tarbiyah shj.

sbb saya tahu, once sy dah libatkn diri,brmulalah episod dugaan dlm hidup sy..

sbb berjuang itu tk pernah senang..

but then, my murobbiah ckp:kalau tk susah,camne nk dpt gnjaran yng hebat?klu hidup ni senang,tk berbaloilah Allah memberi syurga?

lps dia ckp mcm tu,baru sy sedar knp teruk sgt ujian dai'e ni..n slowly, i began to accept t/jwb ni..

ezzat said... interesting that it compelled me to leave a comment (^_^!)
i believe everyone who were taught about our obligations as a daie would be terrified at some level. Knowing the fact that it is an obligation for each & everyone of us is just another burden put upon our shoulders, added by the fact that all of us will be accounted for our actions in the hereafter, whether or not we called our non-muslim friends to the path of Allah.
It might be a burden, but it is also a liberation...a liberation from hellfire.
When i 1st learnt about this i said to myself,"ok, aku boleh buat nih..."
heh, its tougher than it looks
and some times it brings tears to my eyes thinking that i might hav failed in spreading da'wah.

But i went to several islamic programs and talks recently, and only now do i realise that my biggest fallacy is giving up early. I must bear in mind that da'wah should be continuous and in some circumstances, a slow process. There are many ways to do da'wah, and the least we could do is to present ourselves as a good & practising muslim. Patience is vital as a daie and i need to understand that it is Allah who gives hidayah to whom He wants.

Since then, i started to pray for my non-muslim friends, may they be shown the straight path. I pray that my spirit be strengthened and that i stay consistent & istiqomah on this path.

May Allah guide us~