Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I do

In the silence of night
in the glimpse of light
I've been longing
can't help to keep holding
this tears
and fears
felt like spears
throbbing my heart
tearing them apart
cut after cut.

Oh, God.
I'm guilty
I'm dirty
I'm nothing but filthy
and only to You I come
though I am nothing to some
I have none to ask
but to the love that never last.

Dear God
won't You ever talk to me again?
won't You ever look at me again?
this pain!
this strain!
this hurt I could never refrain!
oh, would it ever end?

I wish to meet You
to run onto You with tears
believing You'll be there to keep away my fears
to be embraced in the beauty of Your love
enchanted by the greatest gift from above
to be calmed in Your abode of peace
and the rejuvenating river You've promised.

I wish to feel Your presence
in every second
and in every essence
of life that present.

I love You God.
I do.



Anonymous said...

Love this so much. Thanks for sharing dear friend.

Mar said...

suke bace catatan2 leed di blog :)
sgt terkesan, thx for blogging! hee..