Monday, October 20, 2008

usrah 101


Alhamdulillah. A few things to be relieved. I'm done with the Pidato competition (not that I'm competing. not even 'pidatoing' for any manifesto in this campus election). Done with few heavy assignments (though there are still numbers of lab reports to be sent this week). Anyhow, I did have a great break yesterday. Yeah!~~

I went to my friend's house with a huge swimming pool. Not that I've never been to a swimming pool, but this time it's different. I'm with my special 'birdies@buddies'. All of us. I came quite late. Just at the moment they were leaving the pool. Huhu..sedih tapi dengan penuh keazaman nak terjun juga nanti. That night we have our usual session. Great-great session to be together and fill up this soul with extra power. Recharging our iman. ehe~
(I was sooo sleepy by the end of the session, that I couldn't go with them to do the midnight splash)

That morning, after Fajr, some of my friends wanted to have a few more splashhees (and I'm evern more than excited to join them. yeah~). It was dark with the moon still shining up above. Mesmerizing with the beauty of Allah's creation, we really had a good time splish-sploshing in the pool. It was really a beautiful morning. I managed to be in the pool while watching the sky. How it turned slowly, from dark to a bright lovely morning. Masha's priceless.

I don't even know how to swim, so what I did was just mimicking the other swimmers. The best swimming style for the day to me will go to, berenang gaya memerang. The only person that can do this style of swimming is my dear Kak W. It was really cute (I mean the swimming style, okeyh). She was actually scared to put her head into the water, so she created this style of swimming..the otter style. Cool~~
(These people are the ones I know from my usrah. The ones so close and dear to me..em, sape kata usrah tu tak best??)

Surprise. The sisters from Japan have designed their own shirts now. Very creative desings indeed. Siap ada word jumbles yang kalau nak faham tu, really takes time. Tahniah! I'm looking ahead to have that shirt too. Tapi saiz saya dah habis, tak sempat nak beli. Lepas ni saya nak tolong promote t-shirt AMIR (Aspiring Malaysian Rijal) la pulak. ehe~

Next stop is the open houses. was seriously a big feast. Alhamdulillah. It was not just the food that make it great, it's because being with these lovely people. I even got duit raya! =D

That evening, I went to K* for usrah. My new usrah. So everything should be started as new. The kids are nice and cool (kids? ehe). I was thinking of having something new in the usrah. A new approach, a different way of conducting usrah. Alhamdulillah, with guidance from Allah, I planned to use my teaching skills in the usrah. I'm going to make this usrah more fun. Not just doing the same thing over and over. The new theme for this usrah is 'Fun and surprise'. I have given them their first task, some of them couldn't even wait for the next session for me to reveal it :P Maybe this will be a new method to keep your usrahee's coming to usrah. Let's make du'a to make it happen ^_^

I'm going to make this serious. Usrah 101, redesigning approach to conduct the usrah. hehe. Teachers, get your tools ready!
(teacher=murabbi) ^_~


Mohamad Hilman bin Nordin said...

it would be great if you can share some of your experience conducting one. I would like to benefit from the approaches and techniques.

since you are learning the proper way of teaching, I would like to know the secrets or any other things ordinary people do not know.
boleh ya? thanks kd!

good luck for tomorrow's election.

kuchinque said...

sebenarnya saya ada terfikir juga nak buat blog usrah101 ni. still considering it.

what is with that 'ordinary people'?

Raudhah said...

hehe..terkena skejap masa cik kuchinque ckp"sape kata usrah tak best??"

ms kat skool dulu mmg tak minat usrah..mcm curi ms nak study bile dah masuk uni ni,barulah rasa betapa berharganya usrah itu..rindu usrah di skool dulu.. :(

kuchinque said...

cik raudhah,
usrah tu rasa best bila kita cuba buat dia jadi best.just do anything.
takde skema tertentu untuk usrah ni.

make it enjoyable, something that you really need to have regularly.


Mohamad Hilman bin Nordin said...

ordinary ppl - what i meant was those who did not learn formally on how to 'teach'.

sharing it here would be beneficial for us.


kuchinque said...

sometimes you should know that there are questions of mine that need not to be answered =P

(saya ni suka betul menyusahkan orang untuk faham..)