Monday, October 13, 2008

iQ or eQ?

Online IQ Test - Online IQ Test

not bad :P
alhamdulillah ^_^

IQ helps you get through school,
EQ helps you get through LIFE..
which one is more important?

and EQ is build from a clean heart that faithfully works in pursuit of Allah's pleasure.
(still building up my EQ, and it will never ends..)


ღ فاطمة ღ said...

Salamm.. hi budak super intelligence :P

kuchinque said...

awak lagi super duper kan?? :P

iQ is just a gift.
it doesn't matter.
apa yg paling tinggi di sisi Allah ialah..TAKWA. ^_^

marilah mencari "takwa".
what matters most is what is best to the sight of Allah.