Friday, October 24, 2008

counting days


Only a few days before my final exam... the very final exam which I'm going to leave this beautiful place for good. Somehow, I'm actually counting days.. I'm going to miss this place, seriously.

It is not that I'm trying to be sentimental or something.. But I really love this small town, the scenery, the people.. It's a picturesque complement to each other. Lovely town indeed (*sigh~)

Only a few days before I'm leaving this place..with lots of memories that I have treasured.
Am I really going to leave this place?
Am I really going to miss this place?

(well, it is just a small town. you should know there's a place that you have been wishing to go all this while. stop all this nonsense and go study!! Remember your ultimate goal: In pursuit of Allah's pleasure)

ouchh.. I think I should get back with my studies.
I'll be off for a while. There's a huge war field in front of me and I'm getting myself ready for the big-big days. All the best to everyone, let's make the best out of us for this final exam.

My finals:
4th Nov- Environmental Science
5th Nov- Biotechnology
7th Nov-Animal Physiology
11th Nov- A 'how-to-teach-Biology' course (kinda..)

..I'm counting days. haha..

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Raudhah said...

good luck ye cik kuchinque!maaf la,lama tak tinggalkan komen..hehe