Friday, July 30, 2010

The clown

The clown with a happy face
he never failed to smile
and he never cares of what others think of him
of whatever happens
he will just smile and laugh
and simply say,
"Teacher, we should have fun!"

There's not one single day
I ever seen him without his smile and laughter
He loves to amuse himself
by making the class a disaster
and he will smile cheekily
as if nothing to worry about,
"Teacher, we should have fun!"

Yesterday I was a little mad at the class
and he was the last person getting out of the class
still smiling
without a word
waiting for me to burst out on him
and he knows he will just smile
and playfully say,
"Teacher, you'll get old if you get angry!"

That playful clown.
I wonder what was behind that mask he is wearing
I have heard of his not-so-happy home
and I wonder
how he could smile and still be happy
even when the day is cloudy.

He would be running
and hiding
and jumping
and suprising
and sitting right on the floor
to wait for me to burst on him and said,
"Get up, that's dirty!"
and he will simply laugh
and let himself lie with his head right on the floor.

That clown.
That happy and playful clown.
That I wish I can understand.
and I quietly wish to learn from him how to smile even in the storm.

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