Monday, July 19, 2010


His name is Habeeb.
How I wish I can tell him, that he has such a very beautiful name.
As if I can feel the love of his parents towards him by giving him such name.
and how I wish
he could feel his parents unconditional love for him
how they really care for him
how they worry about him days and nights.

and I cried
when I saw his parents embraced him
with pure love
with tears
with hope.

But today,
I saw the same Habeeb.
With the same sickening people he used to hang out with.
Laughing and playing.
As if yesterday, was really just a story
that he wished to forget.


Anonymous said...

assalamualaikum dearest sister.

this post explains how we are easily forget of our sadness, is it? sorry for the lack of understanding.

yours truly, your sister in islam.

kuchinque said...

Waalaikum salam dearest sister,

Though it's actually a true story of a person, it's true indeed that it happens to most of us.
At one second we could have been crying and fearing for God's mercy and love, and any second later we could have forgotten what we did when we were really in need of God.

Allah is always there, watching and caring for us.. showering us with His love. More than the parents of Habeeb would have done so.

Allah is al-Waduud. The ever-loving.

Anonymous said...

guess we r all "insan"