Monday, March 22, 2010


Wishing for a futuh,
working for that futuh,
may Allah's guidance be with us.

I'll be going for that interview tomorrow, insha Allah.
Don't know what to expect.
I guess, I should just be honest.
Allah, do help me to work everything out by tonight.
and please robbi,
syrahli sodri wa yassirli amri
wahlul u'datal millisani yafqohu qouli.

Allah knows best.
and He knows better whether I fit to be here or not.
I tried hard to actually make sense of going for tomorrow.
and alhamdulillah, I really hope that the steps I'm taking for tomorrow
would be the steps for the futuh I'm working on.

By Allah's will.


Muhammad Hussaini Khairudin said...

Apakah itu futuh (literally)?

kuchinque said...

Futuh yang bermaksud pembukaan, saatnya manusia berbondong-bondong datang kepada Islam. Maka, untuk mencapai kemenangan besar itu harusnya dicermati setiap usaha dan tingkah kita. Moga setiap yang dilakukan (directly or indirectly) akan memberi sumbangan untuk menuju kepada futuh itu.