Monday, August 25, 2008

Dedication to Kak Anis

Yesterday is my sister's convocation. Now she is officially an electrical engineering degree-holder from Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP). Sad to say, I couldn't come and see her on that beautiful day. I have to take care of the little kids at home while helping the big boys to get their stuff ready before going back to school. Nevertheless, congratulations dear sis!! Sorry, no flowers. But I heard that you get sooo many bouquet already... Even yang mahal-mahal lagi :P
For your gift, can I postpone it 'till your birthday? 2in1, boleh tak? Hehe..

Anyways.. my sister is a great photographer-to-be. Really a shutterbug!
To those who would like to hire a photgrapher for your wedding (or someone else's), majlis cukur jambul or just found a good one here =D Just tell me if you need her touch to add as a collection to your memories ^_^

Here are some really good pics that she took...An inspiration!!

masjid UTP

me and ammar playing together. Whee~

family's day out. Love this angle!


the top pictuer is the one I love the most.
Let's fly!!!


anis, with ayahnda dan bunda (selepas berkonvo)


Mohamad Hilman bin Nordin said...

Love that picture very much! the first one obviously!

paired together and with those words, it seems so artful. =)

anis kakak kd said...

thanks adikku...

mane gambar convo anis? awak tak letak pon kate nk letak hahahahaha :P

hilman: thanks.. :)

kuchinque said...

haha..saya buat entri ni long before u give me that pic. jadi tak sempat lagi nak edit balik.

um, can i just let the photo remain a mystery? takut ter'feymes' pula blog neh..hehe :P

anis kakak kd said...

laaa haritu kate nk letak kat blog. poyo sungguh. takpe2...suketi mung la

kuchinque said...

saya ade cakap macam tu ke? huhu..
baiklah.saya letak..

anyway, saya ada jumpa spot baru yg best utk kamu take pix.
Chilling waterfall kat KKB. tak pernah pergi lagi, but i heard that the view is amazing =)

irsyad said...

nk mntk izin amik gmbr msjid utp 2..lawa la..

kuchinque said...

irsyad gambar kakak saya yang kena tny dia kot.