Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm in love!

The school holiday is coming and I have one whole week to do something great. But somehow, I seem to miss something. I miss the school!!! Nope, to be exact I miss the class. Somehow, I think I'm in love...

I'm in love with the class, the students and all the chances to do something great with them. It has been 10 days being a trainee teacher and the feelings are amazing. I miss the class because I still have this eagerness to give more to them. There's so much things I want to let them know. There's so much love I would like to share with them. Oh God, do show me how.. I really hope that day by day I'm going to be a better person, share with them the greatness this world has treasured for them more than what they plan to learn in school.

I know, this could be just the love at first sight. But I really hope to have this feelings forever and ever. The spirit to use all the chances I have to share the greatness that God has given us. Oh...

Yesterday's class was wonderful. I was about to teach them about cells and managed to relate it with something to do with God and how we should perceive Him. Thanks to Harun Yahya for having such a great website and share with the world his findings. and alhamdulillah, the greatest thanks be to Allah for making this happen!

I really have to count my blessings for all the chances God has given me, for the people I managed to see, for the greatness in this world that He has let to be with me.

Thank you Allah.

I am in love with the love that you have sent to me. I am in love to the greatness that you have given me.

I do in love with You!

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Raudhah said...

harap2nye mereka pun dapat rasa macam yg cik kuchinque rasa. btw, saya dah tukar alamat. klik!