Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dream, Dream, Dream, Dreaming...?

"I don't dream"
"I mean, I don't have dreams..maybe."

I remembered saying this to a friend.
The truth is, I do have dreams before but I have stopped dreaming.
To me, dreams are unrealistic. In other words, fantasy. Hardly to become true.
What I have now are aim, goal and plans.

AIM---> Redha Allah
GOAL---> Jannah
PLANS---> well, that's huge to tell. hehe ;p But, it's suppose to reach the goal :)

Hmm..It reminds me of something.
One time, I told my mother that I'm thinking to further my study.
After the degree, I would like to continue for master and then Ph.D
That's way before getting the KPM scholarship (which means, I have to rethink and re-plan all over).
and this is how my mom replied,
"Habis tu, bila nak kahwin?"


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