Saturday, December 15, 2007

Allah is known through reason

The title is taken from Harun Yahya's book. One of my favourites, a must-have to everyone! :D

Have you ever thought if someday, someone will come up to you and ask:

How do we know that God is exist? How do we know that Allah is the Creator, He is the God, that created us all?

As a Muslim, I think we should be ready to answer this as to show what we believe is true and we truly know what we believe :)

So, how would you answer the above questions?

I love the way Harun Yahya introduced the first chapter of the book (Allah is known through reason)

but, I think I should let you ponder and wonder a little on answering this questions.
I'll update later and we'll see if we have the same opinions :D

Till then,
fi amanillah... ;)

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