Sunday, December 2, 2007

Blink, blink...

I haven't finish writing the post I intended to submit at the moment. Here is a post I just submitted in my other blog. Sorry, I'm trying to finish up the real post, but at the moment feel free to read this and come to my 'old' blog. But you have to be my 1st degree friend in order to view it. (If you can view it just right, you are already in my friends list, if not than you have to ask me to be in the list :D)

There's so much things I want to write at the moment. I wish I can just turn what's inside my head into words so I can just pour it here and let everyone knows what I'm actually thinking. I'm not at the best emotion at this period. PMS plus what's happening at home increased the negative side of me. I shouldn't blame PMS anyway. But home doesn't always makes me happy. IF you only know what's happening to my family. IF I only know what should I do about it. It has to be my responsibility now, but I just can't think right. I don't know what to do but to just keep praying that Allah will help me to make it right again. Allah knows best and to Him I rely everything. I've tried a few things and it didn't come out well enough but that doesn't mean that I have to stop trying, isn't it?

The good thing about home is to have the little kids around especially my six-year-old brother Ammar. Last night he asked me to read a bedtime story. I tried to find something useful and I found a story about Zaid bin Thabit (which is actually chosen by Ammar himslef when I held the book and asked him to choose). He asked me to read with a certain tones and he corrected me a few times when I didn't sound good to him. He is just too cute to be insisted and I just followed what he wants. But the most interesting story is about Zaid bin Thabit himself. Since he was a kid he wanted so much to be with Rasulullah S.A.W. He wanted to be in Badar and he was so eager that he carried a sword as long as his own body, but Rasulullah refused to let him go.

Instead, he found other ways to be near Rasulullah. He memorized ayat-ayat Qur'an each time it was sent to the prophet. Rasulullah even asked him to learn Hebrews so he can help whenever they need to deal with the Jews. and so on..

It was really interesting and it makes me think that there's so much more about Islam that I haven't know yet. I'm trying to do so and I want to use the time I had right now to learn more. I think that being 20 is old enough to start to think of what we can do to help in make a change to the world. If Muhammad al-Fatih could open Constantinople to Islam at the age of 21, if Hassan al-Banna could form Ikhwanul Muslimin at the age of 21 (if I'm not mistaken ,but he was at his early twenties at that time), then it is possible to anyone of us to start thinking and contribute a change to the world. We have been in the comfort zone for too long. We have been so happy with our 'peaceful' life that we just didn't hear at the other side of the world our muslim brothers and sisters are calling for help. They are calling for us (the Muslims) not U.S.

How much do we know about the other Muslim countries or the Muslim people itself in other countries? Have you know about Ariteria and Djibouti? or Mauritania and Algeria? Do we know about how Israel is formed? where they come from? how actually the name Israel comes from? Where in the world map is Palestine actually situated? That Jordan is actually part of Palestine? That Egypt is just at the side of Palestine? That the Egypt Prime Minister (or President, whatever they call him) has said that he is not the the President of Palestine so he has nothing to do with them (eventhough they just live next door)? That many of the Muslims today has become so selfish that it was just too hard for them to care about what is happening to the other muslims (even they just live so near with them)? or maybe we are just too busy to care about the muslims problems than caring for our wardrobes or collection of CD's, MP3's or Japanese and Korean Drama? or maybe we are just too busy creating our world of fantasy by reading fiction books that we think that it was too good to just leave it away and start caring about what is happening to the world? realize it or not, we are just being SELFISH. and yes we are. We could eat happily at McD's or KFC without realizing that every cents we paid actually turned into bullets that teared up our Muslim brothers and sisters into pieces. Every blood that shed from them are thanks to our contribution. Indeed...

Just imagine if they are really our own family members. Would you dare to eat happily when what you paid actually kills your little brother, sister or even parents? Would you dare to care about your latest outfit or the new comic released when someone actually has broken into your house and took your family away or even... kill them?
There's a good video in you tube that you can watch entitled 10 minutes, which can make you start thinking...

So dear friends, use the time you have wisely. Every second counts...
"Barangsiapa yang tidur nyenyak dan tidak mengambil peduli urusan umat Islam, dia bukan dari golongan mereka" (Riwayat al-Baihaqi)
and remember, don't be selfish. Giving money is just not enough.

p.s. if you need answers for any of the questions above, feel free to ask me :)

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