Monday, August 17, 2009

Strength or Weakness?

As someone with a melancholic personality, I would say that I was a perfectionist. I hardly except any flaws or weakness. I hate when people knows my weakness, mentioning it or much worse I hardly accept something as a weakness of mine. I know, that is too bad. But for real, that is the weakness of a melancholic. I really have to accept the fact that I have weaknesses and that is not just that.

People usually thinks of weaknesses as something bad and negative. Having weakness has always been something that could lower the self-esteem and self-confidence. But then, why do God create weaknesses if it was bad? Maybe we should reconsider our views on weaknesses. Allah has created mankind as the best creation ever. Ahsani Taqwiim. Human with its unique strengths and weaknesses. There would be a huge reason and hikmah (wisdom) behind each of Allah's creation, yet for us to think of and take a lesson from it. Lahum tatafakkarun~~

Both strengths and weaknesses to me are actually great gifts from God. Gifts that should be seen in different way and be treated in a way even different from each other. Weakness is not something bad or negative at all. It was a gift that actually comes with chances. Chances to get extra points from God as we strive to overcome that weakness. Chances to get more attention and love from God as we work to be better. Remember, Allah would judge us through our hard work not the outcomes! It is He who determines the outcomes but it is one's choice to do the hardwork.

How beautiful it is when in the Qur'an Allah wanted us to work hard to find His way, but in the next word He said that He will made it easier as people strives to go His way. Allah is absolutely just. What He gives us, are the best things that may suit us beyond our own knowledge. Sometimes, we just tend to question things that happens in our way. When calamity strikes, we tend to question: Why me? What I did wrong?
But the real thing is, when anything goes wrong and the road seems long, remember and just remember to seek strength from The Strong!

When anything goes wrong, beyond the way that we could have handled it, it just at a cause that Allah's knows that it is good for us. I know, it is hard to just accept things the way it is. Or even to accept things that may look negative and take it as positively as we can. But wise people, do help themselves by seeing bad things as CHANCES. Take them as CHANCES and OPPORTUNITIES, solve and overcome them as we will be given extra prizes at the end =)

People who have weaknesses but merely accept them or not making any improvement would be in such lost. Weakness is not bad, it's a great opportunity from God! Accept our weaknesses and plan ahead to make improvement. And remember, work your plan and seek strength from Allah all the way! Towards mujahadah Minallah, Ma'allah, Ilallah.

There is strength in each weakness.

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