Monday, July 21, 2008

Hear me ROAR~

I saw myself inside the mirror.
I'm not that sweet little girl anymore.
Who'll love being underneath the cosy, comfy comforter
or musing about music, movies and comics galore.

I wish that I'm no kiddo anymore
able to withstand all kind of weather
no, I won't need that chipsmore
not that silky comforter
or anything that glitters in the store
I ain't for that, no more
do ask me why, I'll give you the answer.

The girl has grown into a lady (?)
With pride and dignity
I know I was a nobody
Somehow Allah has brought me
to be what I supposed to be.

It's not the physique that matter
not even how smart I can arrange this letter
that make it sound as good to be put on the wrapper
but its the matter of faith that prosper
the iman that change me to be yet wiser.

I believe to things more than the world could offer
where the end is more beautiful than ever
and it is always much better
for those who is a true believer
a life to be near to The Creator
ain't that Super Duper
just can't ask for anything greater.

So here I am
the not-that-sweet-little-girl anymore
bid my farewell to my past glam
look to the future and see what it store
wish I won't stay the same, the cute little lamb
now I'm turning into a lion, so hear me ROAR~

Asadullah in progress, insha Allah ^_^
Tg. Malim 21.07.2008

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