Saturday, April 5, 2008

Mesra alam (Environment-friendly)

It’s almost 2.00 a.m. The second day for the symposium will start at 8.00 a.m. It has been a very busy week, I only managed to sleep for 2 hours last night as I have to finish up my flash presentation and alhamdulillah, I managed to get it done at 7.30. Just 30 minutes before the event started! It’s not that I’m putting things to the last minute, that’s not me at all, but with too many things to be considered, sometimes that is just the best way to get it done.

The Biology symposium is mainly on research about plants, ecology and environment, in conjunction with the international earth day celebration. The event when all right, even with not so many people attending and visiting the exhibitions and presentations. Maybe people are still not aware of the global impact or they just don’t care enough of whatever happens around them. It’s not just the environment is affected form what humans are doing but other human being is also suffering from the deeds of others. It is just that sometimes we are not aware and don’t care enough of our own actions that may affect others. Even not doing anything is considered as an action that may affect someone else. It’s a reality. If we put ourselves in the environment, when rubbish is everywhere and we are just sitting doing nothing or not taking any action may affect ourselves and the others later.

Sometimes we are just too busy taking care of our own problems that we just take things for granted. We just hope that someone else will pick up that litter and clean up the place, and we just busily sit in front of our computer screen doing our works unaware of what is happening around us. How if there’s no one actually taking care of the litter, and the stench is getting stronger. Will we clean the rubbish and get our hands dirty, or just close our windows tightly and get some air freshener to overcome the stench but still leaving the dirty litter outside. And someday later, thanks to our action of not doing anything, someone close to us is getting sick. Shouldn’t we feel bad of ourselves then?

Relating environment with the situation which is happening around us right now is actually very close. The global warming for instance is actually a signal of how much damage we have done to the earth. And yes it’s all due to our action and the action of not taking any action ;).

This is my favourite story when I’ve been taught to be aware of the surroundings. Let say there’s a house, a very big house which is considered as a very safe place to live. The house is created to be safe only when the people in the house take care of it seriously. If one day, someone from the outside came (maybe a wolf like the staleof the three pigs, if you ever heard. Or maybe like the tale of the twelve lambs). The ‘wolf’ wants to take away the people inside the safe house. The ‘wolf’ is bad, he tried many things and eventually came across setting up a fire to the house.

The house is on fire, but the people inside the house are not aware of what is happening. Some of them started to notice the smoke filling up the air and try to put off the fire. Some are so busy with their own works that they think it is much more important than putting off the fire. Some are still sleeping, unaware of what is happening around. Some are being couch-potato, sitting comfortably in front of the TV watching their favourite shows, laughing their hearts off. They are so caught up with the TV, games and comic books that they are not aware that the fire is actually getting bigger and nearer. Some of them know that someone is trying to put off the fire, so they think that they don’t have to get their hands dirty by helping them through. They are just hoping that the fire will be over then without having to sweat trying to put off the fire. The question is, which kind of person are we going to be inside the house? The fire fighter, the couch potato, the hardworking worker/student or the sleeping beauty? Or are we trying to join the ‘wolf’ by getting the fire bigger and hotter? The house is Islam and the people inside it are Muslim. The ‘wolves’ are the people who wants to see Islam to be burnt off. Yes, Allah promises that Islam is going to rise again. But are we going to be the one who just watch and celebrate the victory or are we going to be the one that get their hands together in putting of the fire and putting the bricks back and build back the house?

During the symposium, one of my friend said:

“KD ni nanti mesti jadi cikgu yang sangat mesra alam”

And I just laughed. What she means is that I’m going to be very friendly with the students, because we were talking about teaching in school.

But I just hope that I’m really going to be ‘mesra alam’ in context of my action actually bring good effect to the surroundings. I want to be the rubbish picker, the cleaner and the firefighter, so that I will be an environment-friendly person.

The most important is I have to be a firefighter that will wake up the sleeper and ask the other house members to put off the fire together =)

This writing has nothing to do about the act of boycotting dutch products.

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