Saturday, March 22, 2008


Hu... sedang cuba menggumbirakan hati ini. This coming Tuesday is going to be a big day for me. I have to present my final year project proposal in front of some lecturers. Hmm.. the case is, I just got to know about this when the list has been posted. And surprise, surprise I'll be the fourth presenter which means, I'm the TOP 5 of lucky people to be presenting their proposal. Yes, I'm special and I'm lucky to be selected (Just trying to make it sounds good as to make myself happy.. huhu. And I think I just sound so fake....Oh!). Well, the bigger problem is, I haven't completed the proposal yet. There's so much to be done, to be fixed, to ensure that I'm not going to be 'hentam' by the judges. Aiyaa.. and I'm still stuck with the methods and instrumentation, without guidance. I just met my supervisor, Dr. S (The DEAN) and guess what, haha.. she hates me (I think ;p), because I haven't finish the proposal yet and I couldn't show her my instruments. It was really hard to arrange a meeting to meet her because she is sooo busy flying here and there to save the world ;P.

And here I am, still stuck with my proposal with things to finish up. And I still can't get the stuff I need to strengthen my reasons for doing the project. There are things that is happening around me right now that really make me feel down somehow. Emotionally, I feel like crying right now, uh actually, I've been crying all night long. Maybe I was just too driven with my emotions, or maybe I'm just too nervous with everything mixing up inside my head or maybe I haven't work really hard myself. But above all, I am SPECIAL.
to make me feel down, so I'll ask Him to lift me up
to make me feel lost, so I'll come and search Him for guidance
to make me feel sad, so I'll know how it feels to be happy and what should I do when I'm happy
to make me feel lonely, so I'll remember that He is always near
and above all, He always knows what's the best for me, much better than I know about my own self.

Allah has been helping all the time. So, there's no reason for me being sad.
OK, wipe all your tears and get back to work!!!!

O' Allah, because you've made me feel so special, I have a special request for you.
Please lift me up, even when I don't feel down or fell down.
Please guide me, even when I don't feel like I'm lost
Please help me to remember you in my happiest time, and when during my hardest time.
Please make me feel your presence, each and every time.
But that doesn't mean that I think that I shouldn't be getting any test any more. Because being chosen to get a test from you, is being chosen to be special people for you.

Allah knows best. ^^,

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