Friday, February 11, 2011

Breathe in

Another day just begun
marking less days I have in this world.
Coming closer to the end of my time
yet I keep questioning how I have become.

I know I might be stagnant quite a lot
not improving and keep stumbling at the same spot
but giving up I will not
'till I found the way out, I keep asking God.

I woke up every day with guilt
because yesterday might have spaces I did not fill
and it caused my heart withered
gasping for air so I can again breathe.

And today Allah woke me up again
with healthy body and wonderful mind
but am I going to make use of these with iman
or am I again going to lose the battle with shaytan

'Cause each day Allah put a reminder
do improve yourself, I am here, I shall be near
and do ask Me to make you stronger
but you need to help yourself to make you better!

Yaumul Jummu'ah
Jabal Salim
23 years and 363 days fi al-Ardh

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